Pandora’s Box – check out my new novel!

August 13, 2013 in Pandora's Box


Pandora’s Box is the story of single mum Caitlin Brewer, who has spent all her young years bringing up her beautiful daughter. In order to help Suzette with a school project, Caitlin buys an old trunk from a junk dealer. With Suzette safely in university, Caitlin now has time and space to fulfil her own dreams, beginning by going to live with long-term boyfriend Dave Gross. She quits her boring job and begins a  course of study.  Just when everything should be perfect, life begins to crumble around Caitlin. Is the old trunk having a pernicious influence on events or not? Caitlin has to find out….

Pandora’s Box is published on Amazon Kindle (ISBN 978-0-9559419-4-8) and I do hope that readers enjoy it.

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