Dream Archetypes

March 12, 2016 in Dream Archetypes

Angels: in the phenomenal world, angels are a number of things, including business financiers and compliant, willing humans, often nurses.

The beach is a place caught between sea and land. The beach is made of sand, a material used in construction. Until used, however, sand represents uncertainty, i.e., shifting sands, making it the archetype of many possibilities. The sea stands for the subconscious, a kind of Underworld, a repository of dreams and memories. It stands for time, tide and eternity. Its colours, blue, green, purple, occur at the “higher” end of the spectrum, making it the archetype of higher consciousness.

The chemist or scientist is the archetype of the alchemist, the magus, magician or wise man – what today we call the scientist. It is he who has the ability to zap his fingers and make things work. He is also represents forces of attraction and communication, the winged Mercury, in fact.

Documents are made of paper and are usually white. They form the basis of receipts and invoices, bills, warnings and references. They are covered with words that can be trusted, but sometimes not. Documents “document” things; events that have happened. However, their meaning is ephemeral, and subject to change.

Eateries, cafés, restaurants are places of people and of food, denoting ambience. However, ambience can also translate into arrogance and entitlement.

Fire is energy from the sun. It is warm and golden, a bringer of light and cooked food. Fire can be destructive and dangerous, as in gunfire. It is the same word used to get rid of someone from a job. Fire stands for heat and light, orange and red, dancing, glancing energy – and romance. Fire can bring ruin and waste, devastation and destruction, leaving behind soot, cinders and ashes – and despair. Fire stands for cleansing and rebirth, renewal and growth – and hope.

Green stands for fertility, growth and development, and food that is good, but that you might not want to eat. It stands for nature in general and spring in particular; newness, innocence, youth and freshness. Green stands for unreadiness, backwardness and naivety.

The old house has parasites growing on and in its walls; wasps, spiders, birds and rodents. There is also moss, lichen and creepers. The windows are obfuscated by dust, denoting lack of vision. The new house stands for modernity, readiness and forward thinking.

An international journey is the archetype of new ideas, movement and networking, energy, vibration and conveyance vehicles. This is also the archetype of malfunction and culture shock, obscure language, loneliness and loss of identity. Local journeys are inconvenient, expensive and boring, the archetypes of things you may not want to do.

Keys are metallic and magnetic, attracting things and openings things. The key is a way into something. The key is an adjunct to locks and chains, ties and responsibilities 

Light means easy to carry. Light is brilliant, dazzling and coruscating. Light is purity and innocence. Light is daylight, wavelength and colour. Light is archetype of throwing light on a matter, which is why illustrations used to be called illuminations.

A male (in a female dream) is the archetype of a robust go-getting attitude, of strength, physicality and practicality.

A necklace and other jewellery is the archetype of great fortune, as gold and silver denote wealth and links with the past – the costlier, the better the outlook for you.

An orchestra consists of musicians playing a variety of instruments and it can denote either harmony or discord, according to the skills of the conductor. Beware of working for a company or organisation that does not have a purposeful leader.

A palace or grand house is the archetype of everything that you might want. It stands for heaven on earth, and its treasure-filled rooms stand for the many lives lived in it. A grand house also represents a dichotomy; one of nefarious and dark deeds.

A Queen or royalty in a dream signifies fortune and ambition. The same is true of encountering celebrity.

A river is the archetype of a warning to not to get carried away. Rivers are material, sustaining boats and people, fishing and swimming. Rivers are beautiful, sustaining birds, plants and fishes. Rivers are mythical, giving rise to folklore and legend.

A school is a place of learning, in which many disciplines are taught, in which one encounters multiple personalities. One is subject to severe discipline and hard work and whatever the rewards, it is a place of suffering or, at least, not a place to be happy. The teacher is an arcane symbol, a repository of knowledge, wisdom and learning discipline.

A tree is strong, rooted, lovely, attracting life and colour, supplying food and shelter. It is also an arcane symbol of life, linking heaven – or sky – with earth.

Winter is the archetype of longings. It stands for Christmas gifts, loads of food and warmth, time with family. It is also bleak, cold and bare of leaves and comfort.

The zoo is connected with animals of all kinds, and their various qualities. The lion denotes strength and majesty while bears are grumpy yet cuddly.